An anchor and rope at the bow of a boat out on the water.

I have a passion for all things “ship & shipping”, so when I went onboard the Queen Mary 2, I was blown away at her super size: 151,000 tonnes (each tonne = 1000 KG). She has 3 anchors (1 is spare) each only 23 tonnes.  With all modern technology in building her, there was no doubt in the minds of her makers, her Captain and crew; she MUST HAVE a workable anchor or else lives are at risk.

Time and evolution has not changed that fact.

Another meaning for the word “anchor” that I found in the Oxford dictionary was: a person or thing which provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

The equivalent of a ship’s anchor for us, is our own values and beliefs. Without a clear understanding and commitment to our values and beliefs, we risk drifting, wasting energy, wasting opportunity and missing important and nourishing experience.

Life is challenging enough without making it harder on yourself.  Anchor your reality by better understanding what values are important for you to achieve the reality that you want.

Wishing you an awesome start to your week.

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