Sharing Their Lessons in Life – Sunday Mail

Tammy Hamawi says she is humbled at being named in such illustrious company. 

The Gold Coaster has been selected among the “influential achievers” in a new book featuring 50 leading Australian women and their insights on life, love and the world. 

Spiel the Beans – Style Magazine Interview

From leading international shipping strategist to founder of human empowerment company Tribunity, Tammy Hamawi has lead one hell of a life! Sarah Murray learns life skills from this multi-talented Gold Coast local. 

Lines Striding Out for Charity

Shipping lines MSC and Pacific Direct Line took part in Oxfam Trailwalker Challenges on either side of the Tasman last month.

Get It Magazine Profile – April 2012

Tribunity’s purpose is ‘business and human empowerment’. We mentor and serve as business advisers to a cross-section of industry from Real Estate, Investment, Transport, Shipping, Retail, Mining as well as other small to mid-size businesses.

Wonderful Women Share Words of Wisdom – Devine Magazine

On a glorious Queensland day on May 26, guests travelled to the Grand View Hotel to listen to inspirational women speak about their struggles, opportunities and adventures in life at Karen Phillip’s Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power and Passion literary lunch. 

The True Meaning of Success

I’m reminded by the movie City Slickers (1991), where the character played by Jack Palance is offering life advice to Billy Crystal about happiness. The

Wealth: The New Frontier

This article published in World Investor NZ magazine Issue 213 “Investment success in the 21st Century will require a pioneering mindset” says TAMMY HAMAWI. Our

Sitting in the Orchard

A man sits in an orchard, fruit trees full and the vines plump. He has his head on his knee; his eyes are closed.

His friend says, “Why stay sunk in mystical meditation when the world is like this? Such visible grace.

He replies, “The outer is an elaboration of the inner. I prefer the origin.

Natural beauty is a tree limb reflected in the water of a creek, quivering there, not there. The growing that moves in the soul is more real than tree limbs and reflections.

We laugh and feel happy or sad over all this.

Try instead to get a scent of the true orchard. Taste the vineyard within the vineyard.

by Rumi, 13th-century poet

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