LIONS Orientation Pack

In the LIONS Orientation Pack, you will find some important documents that will help guide our work together over the upcoming 12 months.

We understand that your life is very busy and hectic, and that paperwork can often seem tedious–but please pay close attention to the information in these documents because they establish essential guidelines surrounding our working relationship in the LIONS program.

Here are the documents you will need to read, fill out, and return to your coach no later than 72 business hours before our first session:

    1. Client Info & Contact Details
      This simple form provides your coach with important, relevant information about you and your ecosystem.


    1. Reciprocal Responsibility
      This document clarifies what commitments you make to the program, as well as the commitments your coach makes to you over the course of your work together.


    1. LIONS Program Coaching Contract
      In the contract, you’ll fully understand the guidelines and communication norms of the LIONS program.


  1. LIONS Program Copyright and Use of Content
    By signing this document, you acknowledge the guidelines around using and sharing the materials given to you through the LIONS program.

LIONS Orientation Form

Before we begin, you will need to complete the following LIONS Orientation Form. If you would like a PDF copy of the form sent to you instead, please contact me.

Important notes:

Record Retention

We will retain all your records for six months after you’ve completed the LIONS program. After six months, we will delete all of your records, including your membership details. If you’d like to retain the records of your work in the LIONS program, we highly recommend that you download your program materials before that time. After that time, we can still provide you with a full-program PDF, but this will be a generic form not adapted to your personal experience in the program.

Session Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your session, you must give a minimum of 48 business hours’ notice. You can only reschedule a session once within a single stage of the program.

If you are unable to give 48 hours’ notice before cancelling a session, you will forfeit that time. However, you can still reschedule a virtual two-hour session that covers the core material in that stage. This rescheduled session will not contain the unique exercises and experiences incorporated in the full-day session, but it will keep you on track with your learning for the 12-stage program.

LIONS Neuroscience Tools

Please download the Neuroscience Tools in preparation for our first session. You do not need to read the tools in advance of our session, but you will need them on hand as we will reference them regularly over the course of the program.

Calendly Meetings

Before the program begins, you will pre-book the dates for, at minimum, your first three sessions of the LIONS Program.

“You are not a drop in the ocean,
you are the entire ocean in a drop”

– 13thcentury Persian poet Rumi