The LIONS Program Neuroscience Methodology

The LIONS Program Neuroscience Methodology

We have created the following infographic as a visual guide to the nine-step process that guides all of our coaching conversations. We’ll use the Neural Rewiring Process in each stage of your LIONS journey as you examine and change any underlying thought processes that may be impeding your growth.

As part of the Neural Rewiring Process, we’ll also engage with various brain-based tools that have been developed by David Rock in the Results Coaching System (now known as the NeuroLeadership Institute). These tools include:

  • Choose Your Focus
  • Listen for Potential
  • Clarity of Distance
  • Speak With Intent
  • Dance of Insight
  • The CREATE Model
  • The FEELING Model
  • The CRAFT Model
  • Six Insights into the Brain
  • The SCARF Model

These brain-based coaching tools facilitate personal transformation by harnessing the power of the brain’s neuroplasticity. As a neuroscience coach, I’ve been using these tools since 2008 and have found that each of them supports better outcomes for my clients as they seek to achieve deeper and more profound insights in order to realise their unique purpose and dreams.

The first steps in the Neural Rewiring Process involve discovering and deconstructing your existing thought processes as we examine your lifestyle and fully understand its impact on your health and well-being.

After you have strengthened your self-understanding and developed a heightened awareness of your inner voice, we’ll then review, re-engineer, and reconstruct your mental maps.

Afterwards, you will learn to operate anew and cement your positive new behaviours through deliberate practice.

Finally, we’ll celebrate your growth before deepening your learning so you can further develop within. By “develop within,” we mean that your newly learned conscious action now becomes embedded into your subconscious brain. When this learning becomes subconscious, you have effectively replaced your old habits with new, more positive behaviours that align with your authentic goals.

Although Step 9 may appear to be the final step in the neural rewiring process, the reality is that this process is a loop. Once you’ve embedded a new behaviour in your subconscious, you return to the beginning of the process to begin another robust round of self-evaluation. In this way, you are continually assessing, developing, and evolving your self.

The neural rewiring process is not a singular event. Instead, it’s a way of living that allows you to continuously reflect on and revise your approach to life. By becoming a frequent participant in this process, you can compound your self-growth by constantly building better habits, more positive self-talk, and healthier emotional states.

Sitting in the Orchard

A man sits in an orchard, fruit trees full and the vines plump. He has his head on his knee; his eyes are closed.

His friend says, “Why stay sunk in mystical meditation when the world is like this? Such visible grace.

He replies, “The outer is an elaboration of the inner. I prefer the origin.

Natural beauty is a tree limb reflected in the water of a creek, quivering there, not there. The growing that moves in the soul is more real than tree limbs and reflections.

We laugh and feel happy or sad over all this.

Try instead to get a scent of the true orchard. Taste the vineyard within the vineyard.

by Rumi, 13th-century poet

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