The 12 Stages of the LIONS Program

“The LIONS Program allows you to look at your current ecosystem of habits and behaviours, pull them apart, and—with great care and discernment—reshape and replace them in a way that re-aligns you with your meaning and purpose, so you can elevate both yourself and others.”
–Tammy Hamawi

The LIONS Program is a 12-stage self-development program that provides you with a full year of introspective learning, external growth, and profound transformation. This program is a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary journey that is agile, experiential, and tailored to your particular learning and leadership goals. 

Each of the first ten stages takes place over 10 full-day sessions spaced evenly over the course of a year, and these stages include carefully selected “elements” that you will experience during your one-on-one coaching sessions. The final two stages are optional and take place in the six months following the conclusion of the 12-month program. These stages focus on creating your legacy and becoming an agent of human empowerment.  

Pre-Program Orientation

Click below to access the required documents and tools before you begin the program.

Lions Program Stage 1 Image

Stage 1 – Journey of Discovery

Reflect on your current ecosystem—both external and internal—and create a clear vision for the outcomes you want to achieve from your transformation.

Lions Program Stage 2 Image

Stage 2 – Ignite Your Energy Zone

Understand your true sources of energy, and hone the skills and sensitivities that allow you to delve into, develop, and fuel your passions.

Lions Program Stage 3 Image

Stage 3 – Power of Influence

Gain a nuanced understanding of what today’s leaders need in order to powerfully influence others.

Lions Program Stage 4 Image

Stage 4 – Biohack the Fountain of Youth

Master a systems-based approach to altering your unique biology, so you can optimise your physical performance, mental acuity, emotional balance, and youthful e

Lions Program Stage 5 Image

Stage 5 – The Metaphysical Gut

Gain knowledge about how your gut health influences your mood, while developing a broader perspective on wellness enhanced by your own inner voice.

Lions Program Stage 6 Image

Stage 6 – Power of Vulnerability

Confront, understand, align, and integrate, so you can access and radiate the transformative power of vulnerability and grow beyond your own shadow and its limi

Lions Program Stage 7 Image

Stage 7 – Turn On & Power Up

Build upon your existing presence and charisma as you consciously access the full spectrum of your energy field and expand the unique and powerful vibrations yo

Lions Program Stage 8 Image

Stage 8 – High-Impact Habits

Habits are like the invisible puppeteer’s threads that control the puppet.

Lions Program Stage 9 Image

Stage 9 – Deliberate Practice

In this stage, we now shift to outer-practice work, creating experiences and role-play opportunities to cement your inner self-development.

Lions Program Stage 10 Image

Stage 10 – Implementation to Celebration

Measure your growth throughout the previous nine stages and celebrate all you have learned and gained during your LIONS journey.

Lions Program Stage 11 Image

Stage 11 – Ripple Effect

Reflect upon and fine-tune your new growth and leadership skills.

Lions Program Stage 12 Image

Stage 12 – Let’s Talk Legacy

Be exceptional! Go beyond your career. What will be the gift you leave behind and the reputation that you will be known for?

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