Stage 1 – Journey of Discovery


How this stage will support your growth and self-development:

  1. Clearly understand the landscape of your life today.
  2. Recognise which behaviour patterns support you and which hold you back.
  3. Re-form any mental models that are not currently serving you.
  4. Develop a clear vision of what you will achieve at the end of your LIONS journey.

What to expect

When we talk about your culture, we’ll use a diagram called the Relationship Onion to examine the different layers of relationships in your life. On the innermost layer of the Onion, you’ll find your Circle of Intimacy (which is made up of your partner, immediate family, and close friends), while on the outermost layer you’ll find individuals with whom you have surface-level interactions. By examining these layers, you’ll gain new insight into the nuances of your ecosystem and learn how and why you may need to make changes to some of your layers.

You’ll also use a diagram called the Personality Onion to reflect on your relationship with yourself. In this Onion, the outer layers represent the parts of yourself you present to the world, while the inner layers reflect your hidden, private self. By examining your Personality Onion, you’ll gain clarity on how much of your true self you feel comfortable expressing in your outer world, and we’ll discuss whether you need to make adjustments to how some of your “layers” function.

Let’s Begin

This is where the real adventure begins! I’d love to hear from you.

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Extraordinary Times Need Extraordinary Leaders

The LIONS program is a unique and holistic approach to leadership. In the program you’ll learn how to utilise tools, strategies, and mindsets to reinvent yourself and become the extraordinary leader you were meant to be.

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“Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
–George Bernard Shaw

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