Stage 4 – Biohack the Fountain of Youth


“Hormones, stress, sleep, and sugar are connected to our Fountain of Youth. We know more today than ever before about their impact on our output. Fuel that is clean and powerful will allow us to win from within. “
–Tammy Hamawi

Your Biology

Stage 4 leads you through a deep-dive investigation of biohacking, a systems-based approach to changing your biology. In biohacking, you closely examine your body’s inputs and then learn how to adjust them to optimise your physical performance, mental acuity, emotional balance, and youthful energy. 

You already know that what you put into your body has an immediate and profound effect on you. That’s why you feel wired and slightly manic after drinking too much coffee, or sluggish and out of sorts after eating a greasy burger and fries. However, what you may not realise is that what you put into your body significantly affects your state of being on all levels, not just the physical one.

What we consume alters our mood, our energy levels, our mental state, and even the balance of our hormones. If we aren’t attuned to the finer nuances of our own biology, we can damage our digestive systems and prematurely age our bodies. 


How this stage will support your growth and self-development:

  • Understand the abiding impact of hormones, sugar, sleep, and stress on your body. 
  • Bring these four elements into a lasting balance that reverses the aging process. 
  • Increase cognitive function, energy levels, physical well-being, and emotional health.

What to expect

Stage 4 leads you into a new and deeper understanding of your own body, as we assess your biological system in terms of four key elements: hormones, sugar, stress, and sleep. By analysing how these factors affect you on a unique, individual level, we can then fine-tune their impact so you can transform the way your body moves, reacts, rests, and rejuvenates.

By the end of Stage 4, you’ll have gained access to a new kind of authentic health that starts at the cellular level and radiates outward to all aspects of your being, giving you access to a renewable fountain of youth. 

Let’s Begin

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Extraordinary Times Need Extraordinary Leaders

The LIONS program is a unique and holistic approach to leadership. In the program you’ll learn how to utilise tools, strategies, and mindsets to reinvent yourself and become the extraordinary leader you were meant to be.

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“Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
–George Bernard Shaw

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