Stage 6 – Power of Vulnerability

“Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior.”
–Carl Jung


The core work of this stage involves guiding you through a series of conversations and exercises to help you better understand your “shadow.” As children, we were taught that certain aspects of our personality were “good,” while others were “bad.” And because we wanted to be loved, we hid away the parts of ourselves that we thought would be viewed as negative or socially unacceptable and developed a persona that we thought others would perceive as “good.” 

Thus, as adults, we often function with a split in our identity, one that disempowers us. As long we hide or deny our shadow, we avoid living in our full truth. This can be a comfortable mode of being, since it allows us to avoid troublesome or challenging feelings, but it also cuts us off from a tremendously valuable and powerful part of ourselves. When we confront our shadow parts and open up a dialogue with them, we gain access to our superpowers and we learn to use our shadow to self-actualise. 


How this stage will support your growth and self-development:

  • Become more engaging and connected. 
  • Become more open and emotionally available to your ecosystem. 
  • Empower and engage others as you become more comfortable sharing your vulnerable side.

What to expect

In our work together, you will become better acquainted with what is traditionally thought of as the “dark” side of your personality, and you’ll learn to call upon it when needed—carefully and with complete respect, of course, so as not to harm yourself or others. Once you are in full acceptance of your shadow, you can help others reveal themselves more fully and gain greater inner clarity and strength. 

In order to fully integrate the power of the shadow in your life, you’ll engage with these five elements: 

  • Shadow work
  • Acceptance breathing
  • Verbal practice
  • Active practice
  • Building presence
Let’s Begin

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“Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
–George Bernard Shaw

Your vulnerability

In the world of leadership, “vulnerability” has long been thought of as equivalent to weakness. It was believed that if a leader revealed vulnerability, he or she would not be followed or respected. 

However, that thinking no longer holds true today. The old concept of what constitutes “strong leadership” has now been turned on its head.

Today, people want to connect with a leader not through their title or power, but through an understanding of who the leader is as a person and what they stand for. Authority is no longer a match for authenticity—which is why leaders must now learn to exude a different kind of personal power. When you are prepared to take part in open and authentic discussions with others, you access the real magic of engagement. 

In today’s business world, “strong” means being flexible, intuitive, and self-aware. When leaders are self-aware, they have the courage to show their real selves to the world, even when that means being vulnerable.

“Learn to be vulnerable. Then learn to allow others you lead to be vulnerable. This creates the most attractive energy to empower great influence.”

–Tammy Hamawi

Confronting your shadow

Confronting your shadow means recognising the truth about yourself. To succeed in this task, you have to become vulnerable. In the short-term, this may feel quite uncomfortable, but in the long-term, it will help you feel more at ease in all aspects of your life, as you can now show up more fully and authentically for yourself and others. 

Integrating your dark and light sides gives you tremendous personal and emotional strength, and as a leader, this work allows you to become fully present and vibrantly charismatic with those you lead. 

So how can you become more authentic and connected? This process involves five key elements:

  1. Shadow work: Understanding, integrating, and assimilating your shadow side.
  2. Breath work: Using breath work and meditation to reduce anxiety, alter your brain chemistry, and experience increased presence and wholeness.
  3. Verbal Practice: Taking part in intimate conversations to expand your understanding of vulnerability and the power that comes along with it.
  4. Active Practice: Using vulnerability exercises to experience firsthand how openness increases our connectedness, strength, and ability to influence.
  5. Building Presence: Building “presence” through repetition and practice to rewire the pathways in your brain.
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