Stage 11 – Ripple Effect

 “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
–Albert Einstein

Stage 11 is an outer practice stage without elements

In this in-depth, 90-minute video call, we’ll assess how the changes you’ve made in the LIONS program thus far have impacted you and your ecosystem. Through examining the results of your LIONS Evaluation and Graduation Questionnaire, we will gain a clear picture of what changes have been working well for you and what changes may need some adjustment before our final session together in three months’ time.

We will also check in to see if any of your old leadership habits have crept back in, as they have a tendency to do—particularly if they are habits you have carried with you for a long time without resolving the underlying issues. We’ll then set up a plan to address these lingering habits. 

Next, we’ll examine the ripple effect of the changes you’ve made in the LIONS program. How have your shifts in behaviour and habits impacted your ecosystem? We’ll then explore the opportunities you have to become a teacher in the areas you’ve now mastered, empowering others to take on their own self-development journeys. 


How this stage will support your growth and self-development:

  • Gain a clear picture of your new, empowering habits and how they have impacted you and others. 
  • Identify any areas of improvement you’d like to focus on in the next three months.
  • Explore opportunities to teach what you’ve learned to others and empower their personal growth. 


Once you have completed the Stage 11 session, we will shift focus to preparing you for our final session in three months’ time, which is titled “Let’s Talk Legacy.” To prepare for our last session, please read Lolly Daskal’s book The Leadership Gap, and as you read, keep track of your questions, reactions, and responses to the book in your journal. 

Please also write down your responses to these four questions (and ensure that you base your answers on who you are now, rather than who you were at the beginning of your LIONS journey): 

  1. What is my purpose in life? 
  2. What am I good at? 
  3. Am I taking stock of my life: the good, the bad, and the way forward?
  4. What do I want to be remembered for? 

To help you gain the most from our final session, please come prepared with your notes on The Leadership Gap and your responses to these four questions.

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Extraordinary Times Need Extraordinary Leaders

The LIONS program is a unique and holistic approach to leadership. In the program you’ll learn how to utilise tools, strategies, and mindsets to reinvent yourself and become the extraordinary leader you were meant to be.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
–George Bernard Shaw

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