How the LIONS Program Delivers

“Pivot your way through these unstable trading and negotiating times by refining your capacity to harness all your layers of self. All your answers lie within.”
–Tammy Hamawi

The LIONS 12-Stage Program

As an experienced leader, you know that the most effective individuals in the business world have the capacity to go beyond what most leaders can envision. The relentless pressures and constant changes that a leader faces daily demand intense attention. In time, we can become dysfunctional and learn poor habits just to stay on top.

It’s time to regain your inner power—and the LIONS Program will help you do just that.

In order to command from our most aligned and empowered selves, we must master our own self-awareness. We must learn to hear and interpret our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

In the LIONS program, we focus on bringing you to this heightened level of self-actualisation. Through each of the elements of the diverse 12-stage program, you’ll learn how to better reflect on and assess your four layers of self on a day-to-day basis—creating a foundation of self-knowledge that allows you to lead with more vitality, authenticity, charisma, connectedness, and impact.

Inner Practice

We have designed the program to have a substantial “inner practice” component so that the knowledge the LIONS program exposes can be transformed into real change in your habits and behaviours. We then dedicate time to supporting “outer practice,” so that these habits and behaviours become part of your subconscious.

Throughout all 12 stages of the program, we focus heavily on the four layers of self, because—as you probably already know—each of the four layers profoundly affects the others. Thus, until you have fully understood and aligned each layer, you are likely to be functioning at less than peak vitality.

And as the recent global pandemic has highlighted, we leaders need so much more than mental acuity to function well in this time of unprecedented change. We also need physical and emotional reserves of strength, as well as deep-seated vision and purpose to guide us forward.

The LIONS Program has been designed to guide you through the most impactful strategies for:

  • Strengthening physical capacity (the physical self)

In Stage 4: Biohack the Fountain of Youth and Stage 8: High-Impact Habits, we focus on the physical layer to build your endurance and health. Your performance at work is inextricably tied to your physical well-being, so in order to fulfill your true potential, you must develop a deep and nuanced understanding of how to best support your body.

  • Sharpening cognitive capacity (the mental self)

The chatter in your brain significantly affects your physical and emotional well-being. When you improve the clarity of your mind—through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, reflection, and stillness—you in turn heal the body and strengthen your emotional support system. That’s why in Stage 1: Journey of Discovery, Stage 2: Ignite Your Energy Zone, Stage 3: Power of Influence, and Stage 8: High-Impact Habits, we address impactful methods for clearing and calming your mental space.

  • Increasing emotional intelligence (the emotional self)

Your emotional self is your inner influencer: It creates your internal experiences and affects the decisions you take or are prepared to make. Humans today, in their hunger to move faster and do more, have learned to ignore the messages their emotions are trying to communicate. Thus, this powerful fuel remains buried deep inside or is used in a dysfunctional way. However, it’s only when we learn to harness our emotions—a skill we address in all 12 stages of the LIONS program—that we can achieve inner vitality and outer charisma.

  • Deepening spiritual alignment and sense of purpose (the spiritual self)

Your spiritual self provides you with a powerful source of motivation, determination, and endurance. Without honouring this aspect of yourself, you cannot reach true empowerment, no matter how you might excel mentally and physically. Thus, in all 12 stages of the LIONS program, we work with your awareness of your spiritual self to help you recognise and embody your soul’s purpose and perform at the height of your powers.

Our Goals

The goal of the LIONS program is to strengthen all four layers of the self and teach you how to call upon each one when needed. To do so, it’s important to understand how each layers of self is inextricably intertwined with the others. If you’re struggling in one layer, that strain inevitably ripples outward to affect your other layers.

For instance, a leader who neglects his physical health will soon find his mental and emotional health suffering too. A leader who is unable to listen and respond to the language of emotions may find himself struggling with burnout or depression. And leaders who fall out of touch with their vision and purpose may find themselves unable to navigate periods of intense stress.

That’s why LIONS focuses intensely on holistic development to help you access the full power of your essence.

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