Referral Partner Program

As a LIONS Referral Partner, you have the opportunity to help others reach their full potential while also earning more money for yourself.

My exclusive Partner Program is designed to reward you for high-quality leads that convert to paying clients. Incentives for leads are paid in the same currency as the contract: either AUD or USD, depending on the client’s location.

What will you earn?

Values increase with more successful sales within one calendar year.

  • 1st & 2nd Sale: $1,000
  • 3rd & 4th Sale: $2,000
  • 5th Sale: $3,000

Learn more about the program by downloading the Referral Partner Program brochure, or schedule a free discovery call with me below.

Schedule A Discovery Call

This call is to establish if we have the right chemistry and are you able to feel comfortable vouching for Tammy Hamawi and the services offered through The LIONS Self-Development Program.

On the Call We will Establish:

  • Your background and your value proposition.
  • Your persuasive powers and strategic talk.
  • How to recognise a great fit.
  • How the introduction will be best made.
  • How often we will meet to discuss referral opportunities.
  • How the Earning of our Referral Payment will be managed.
  • I will discuss on the call our processes, products and services. 
  • I will discuss how I differ from others and the value I bring with experience, ability, passion and commitment. 

This call will be held via a Zoom virtual meeting. You must have your VIDEO activated or we cannot proceed with the conversation.

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