Good Morning SUNSHINE

Silhouettes of five people jumping on a beach with the sun low in the sky behind them.

Everyday going into my office, the first thing everyone heard before they could even see my face was a happy and loud: “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!!” I just loved the responses & smiles from even the die hard cynics. I knew I connected with each one of these wonderful and talented souls in the best way I could to start our working day together. Our world of international shipping was a daily diet of problem solving, disaster control and putting out fires. It’s a tough industry with high costs and so many out of control challenges. For most of the time, we worked happy and felt fulfilled. We had great culture.

We underestimate how much this simple human acknowledgment is needed to remind everyone that they are appreciated. Vibrant Happy companies build vibrant happy teams and the results are vibrant happy clients who bring their business back.

How do you greet your team, your co-workers or anyone for that matter? How do you greet yourself when you first wakeup? It’s all in the mindset that sets the tone.

If you want to feel as warm as sunshine, you need to be as bright as the sun.

Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow”.

That is what I hope for you today and everyday of your life.

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