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Article titled "Survival of the most adaptable".

Article titled "Survival of the most adaptable".

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I wrote this article in April 2013 referencing one of my four siblings… MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER… Sadly and in suddenness she passed away in 2016. They say “Only the Good Die Young” and this is the case here. My heart remains broken yet we adapt to not only survive but we grow. HUMAN EMPOWERMENT is endless. My life has endured the worst hardships imaginable, yet I’m here still and heart full of dreams and hopes.

Most of us understand Darwinisim in simplistic terms being ~ Survival of the fittest. However our interpretation of “fittest” may lead us to focus our energies in the wrong…or right direction, says Tammy Hamawi.

With one of my 4 siblings being a genetic scientist, you can imagine the rich discussions that take place around the family table. Most recently the topic of Darwin’s theory came up and a hot debate raged. At the core of that debate was how we are misinterpreting the meaning of ‘fittest’. Most would say: “the strongest spices survives”. In fact what we really need to know is: “the most adaptable spices survive”. It occurred to me at that point how valuable bringing this insight regarding our own survival: physically, emotionally and socially. Mother nature tends to be a great teacher.

The point I would like you to consider in this article may be complex and abstract, however it is also crucial when we are faced with today’s challenges. If you look at the financial system and therefore all the sub systems that exist for it… like organizational structures and business structures… we clearly see that this phase is not simply in an economic hiccup. This is a paradigm shift… Albert Einstein said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. Add to that our insight “the most adaptable species survive” and there lies our treasure. Solutions to most of the problems we face today in our immediate circumstance!

Historically when humanity was at it’s most inventive phase, we had a culture that celebrated the thinkers, the philosophers, the poets and artists. For example: the Renaissance period. We are becoming lazy around making space in our hectic lives for quality thinking (pondering) time. In fact I sometimes feel the feature film Matrix (1999) has the most insights for us now. Who is controlling our thoughts and actions?

Then I meet the individuals and organizations that are trending against the majority. They are thriving while many are nearly extinct. When I work with such leaders and systems, I always find similarity between natures process and the processes that exist in such successful individuals and organizations. As I must remain brief in my article here, I will list 2 powerful insights to consider when looking at where you can gain benefit:

For organizational adaptability:

Size matters – Medium size adapt best in hard times. If you are too large make your changes by modeling around how Google was at the beginning of their world domination. If you are too small, think about Fontera’s roots and how it was a negotiational voice to a collective.

Culture matters – How are you harnessing the genius-izm in the people you employ! Innovation and creativity are not simply current “buzz words”. I see it time and time again; over 57% of the working force is disengaged. Change that for your own organization by creating a culture that safely and efficiently captures the ideas and solutions that are sitting dormant in your people’s mind. Make it fun and exciting. The amazing results in real financial terms will be your reward.

For individual adaptability:

Mindset matters – The more we experience life and remain open in our interpretation, the more we seek knowledge from adventure… (be it travel or reading), from pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone, from failing and allowing ourselves to learn without destructive judgment; the greater our inner resources will be to carry us through the hard times and allow us to adapt. Healthy mind is not potluck; it is a conscious act, in the same way as cleaning our teeth is.

Body matters – It’s become obvious that knowing something does not mean it’s done. Looking at how much unhealthier physically we are becoming, is a real “Light bulb” moment. Bulimia, anorexia and obesity alone has touched many amongst us including our children, their future. Our body is our temple. We have to know what makes it thrive at that optimum level for strength and adaptability. Optimum does not necessarily mean endurance and elitist.

It really is an exciting time in our history. We, the hairless ape have reached population density that has pushed us into this new shift. How we organize ourselves or even whether further growth is sustainable, is a big question. So break it down to the smallest of bites… Lets look at our selves as individuals and at the small tribe we exist in. Develop the right character to fit today’s needs. Stay adaptable and THRIVE!!!

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