How Does LIONS Deliver On Its Promises?

How Does LIONS Deliver On Its Promises?


Each stage and element of the LIONS program focuses on developing all four aspects of the self: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (energy). Thus, through every stage of the program, you’ll address growth as it relates to thoughts, emotions, body, and spirit.


The LIONS program draws wisdom, knowledge, and science-based practical solutions from a wide range of disciplines, including biology, philosophy, mindfulness, neuroscience, Eastern wisdom, business management, emotional intelligence, self-mastery, and peak performance science.


LIONS is not a prepackaged or standardised coaching program. As a unique individual with distinct goals and challenges, you need a program that is agile and tailored to your specific industry, personal needs, and desired outcomes. Thus, although the LIONS program has a careful structure and form, I craft each individual session to address what matters most to you. Through relevant, meaningful questions and skilled listening, I lead you on a unique path toward greater awareness, reflection, and vision.


The LIONS program incorporates real-life experiences that help solidify your learning, improve your skills, and firmly establish your new habits. Experiences vary widely depending on each client’s needs, but I design each activity to take your learning to a deeper level. For instance, if one of your biggest challenges is listening (not just “hearing” others, but receiving communication on a meaningful level), I might design a dynamic learning experience for you that helps you use listening as a tool for healing and connection.

Introspective learning

C-suite executives often find themselves focused on external challenges. However, in a world where change occurs so rapidly, focusing on externals is a short-term coping strategy at best. The only way to access consistent, reliable judgment and confident decision-making is to operate from a base of strong self-knowledge. That’s why, throughout the LIONS program, I provide opportunities for inner focus, self-reflection, and introspective learning. We begin from an introspective starting point so that over time we can set you up to establish habits and skills that eventually become natural behaviours.

external growth

I refer to this part of the program as “outer practice.” While the first eight stages of the LIONS program focus primarily on inner work, the final four stages shift into outer work—putting what you’ve learned into action. Through the powerful practices of role-play and repetition, we’ll hone your learning and create new neurological wiring, first in your conscious brain and then in your subconscious mind, as your new practices develop into intuitive action. Change on this level comes only with commitment and consistent effort, as you work to make your new skills, habits, and reactions intrinsic. After you complete stages 9 and 10 of the program, you have the option to participate in two further coaching sessions—Stage 11 and Stage 12—that further cement your learning by leading you through more experiential activities, role-playing exercises, and real-life interactions. Throughout the LIONS program, you’ll not only be introduced to new information and strategies, but you’ll also personalise, reflect, interpret, practice, and create what you learn. Through the active application of ideas, you’ll access deep learning and lasting change.

“You are not a drop in the ocean,
you are the entire ocean in a drop”

– 13thcentury Persian poet Rumi