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Recent story on Tammy Hamawi published in The Bulletin Autumn 2011 Edition by St Catherine’s School, Waverley, Sydney.
Originally written by: St Catherine’s Old Girls Online

During January 2011, St Catherine’s Old Girls Online was launched to the Old Girls community. This initiative was set in place by the school to help Old Girls keep in touch with each other and to hear regular news from the school. In the three months since the launch we have already seen a wonderful array of reunion photos on the photo board and have heard amazing stories from many of our Old Girls. Here are updates from just some of them… 

Tammy Hamawi (1985) 

St. Catherine’s prides itself on providing wide and varied opportunities to every girl who walks through the doors. But the always optimistic Old Girl Tammy Hamawi could never have predicted the life that St. Catherine’s made possible. 

Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion by Karen Phillips is a fascinating read. Throughout its pages are insights from some of Australia’s most influential women; Terri Irwin, Olivia Newton-John and Prime Minister Julia Gillard are amongst its contributors. 

On page 172 there is a very special, smiling face beaming at the reader, it’s St. Catherine’s Old Girl Tammy Hamawi. 

“I’m happiest in life when I am doing the thing I love to do, versus the things others would like me to do,” she writes. “I know that it may sound simple, but it’s honestly one of my biggest challenges.” 

Since leaving St. Catherine’s, Tammy built her international shipping business into a global company, so successfully, she was able to retire from it and pursue her true passion: making people happy and prosperous. 

Tribunity Human Empowerment’ is Tammy’s global business, based on Australia’s Gold Coast, aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential. 

Tammy’s philosophy has earned her worldwide respect: “Courage, vision and ambition knows no gender, status or creed. All it knows is tenacity, hard work and a massive dose of self-belief.” 

Appearing in a book amongst pop stars, television personalities and Olympians, there’s no telling what Tammy Hamawi might achieve next. 

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